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Higher Dimension Church of God
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About the station

Preaching and singing from the veranda of his house, situated on a steep hill located in the Parish of St. Ann., the then Easton Gobourne, only six years old, realized his gifts and knew that the hand of God was on his life. Baptized by the late Bishop J. A. Clarke at age eleven, it was obvious the future would prove challenging but he trusted God to keep him though his peers mocked his loyalty to his Lord. Migrating to the United States in 1982 was the launch pad for the ministry that he would co-pastor in 1986 which was later relocated to 194 South Columbus, Mt. Vernon, NY in 1988. Having risen to the rank of Evangelist, his ministries, singing, and preaching afforded him extensive travel. One of those places would have been the highlight of his life, where he would have met and married his beautiful bride Joan. Their union produced three wonderful children, Timothy, Imani and Azaria.Being an international recording artist/producer with several hit songs was fantastic to say the least. However nothing gives this servant of God more pleasure than to be entrusted with the charge of watching over God's jewels. As the lead pastor of Higher Dimension The Lord saw fit to raise him up to the rank of Bishop.

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Higher Dimension Church of God
Higher Dimension Church of God

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