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Good Vibes FM
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About the station

90.5 Good Vibes FM is a transformative commercial radio station that is an integration of “business with a transformative mission.” This radio provides and develops value-adding content that will uplift, encourage, and empower the listeners.

As a steward of God in media, we take the great responsibility to put across the sound, script, lyrics, music, and ads that are founded in biblical foundations with a mission to enrich, nurture and transform the lives of individuals, families, churches, private organizations, government agencies, and communities.

As a radio station situated in an academic institution, we take the responsibility to foster learning, growth, and development among listeners by educating, informing, persuading, motivating, and empowering our listeners to become proactive learners carrying a strong foundation of values.

As a radio station that caters to advertisements, we take the responsibility of developing content that uplifts the brand that caters to a specific niche. By developing a strong partnership in content development with entrepreneurs, marketing, and the public relations team of various establishments, we deliver a value-adding message to support business growth, continuity, and sustainability.

As a radio station that is a channel of ‘voice of the communities’, we become partners of the government and organizations in pursuing corporate social responsibilities, mission and advocacy projects, and implementation of value-adding plans that will transform communities.

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Good Vibes FM
Good Vibes FM

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