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Unlimited, premium streaming without the premium price tag. Dependable tools for FM/AM and internet radio stations.

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Our goal is for you to thrive, so we make sure to create the tools you need to do so. We have developed a powerful platform: Zeno Tools. A home with all you need to manage your streaming and grow your station, all at no cost to you.

Need help getting started? Our support team is here for you. View our tutorials or chat with us online on Zeno Tools.


  • Interact with your listeners Unlimited listeners: With our scalable cloud-based streaming, you never have to worry about reaching a maximum amount of listeners.
  • Fast & easy to create and manage your podcasts High Quality Audio: Customizable bitrate up to 320 kbps.
  • Manage your podcast library and share with them your listeners Compatibility: You are provided with IceCast v2 and ShoutCast v2 settings so you can use your favorite encoder or mixing program.
  • Weekly & Monthly report system Analytics: View precise metrics on your audience, allowing you to know where, how, and when your listeners are tuning in.

More than just a streaming platform.

When you stream with Zeno Media, you are given access to exclusive features that go far beyond streaming.

Automatically record and store your programs onto a podcast so your audience never misses a show.

Customize your own media player in minutes. Developed with SEO and speed in mind, you will have maximum visibility in search results and discovery by being featured on the site.

Direct your listeners to the ZenoRadio app where they can listen to your live stream and recorded content anywhere they are.

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