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Whether your audience base is big or small, support from listeners can be of great help to ensure you can continue producing quality content

Professional broadcasters and amateurs alike can all turn their passion into a business by receiving donations from their loyal listeners to help sustain the creation of more programming

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Listeners are presented with the opportunity to support your station directly on your dedicated landing page. They can sign up for a one time or recurring donation.

How it works

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Sign up tools.zeno.fm to start broadcasting.

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Launch your station and connect your preferred payment links.

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Direct listeners to your page in order to collect their donations.

Collect Your Payments

Whether it's for a new microphone or a software subscription, we know that no help is too small.

Collect donations using your preferred payment system

Your landing page links to your respective accounts, making it easy for listeners to make their contribution.


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I own a small radio station that I have self-funded. The donations we receive from our dedicated listeners help sustain our efforts and make it possible for us to keep going.