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About the station

The Coakley4MICAL Online Radio Station

The Coakley4MICAL Online Radio Station is a family orientated PAD (Progressive, Advancement & Development) type perspective, that involves and deals with The southern Bahamas District Islands of Mayaguana, Inagua, Acklins, Crooked Island and Long Cay, along with its inhabitants, national and foreign; the human resources as well as the potential and existent natural resources. Our interest is in A Better MICAL Constituency and Bahamas; now and to come!

Features programs:

  1. The Bottom Line

  2. The People's Choice

  3. Come Back Home

"The Bottom Line" - Tuesdays @6pm

We discuss, challenge and debate the issues and problems facing the southern Bahamas Islands which includes Crooked Island, Long Cay, Acklins, Inagua and Mayaguana aka (C.L.A.I.M.) and during our 90 minute program we propose solutions whilst critically analyzing their benefits, advantages, setbacks and drawbacks as it reflects on all MICALians, Bahamians first and foremost. We are able to utilize this unique approach to do this thru invited guests panels, accepting call-ins, write-ins, zoom-ins, twitter and emails and if you are holding logics and reasoning in your hands you may find yourself as a special guest host of the episode program until and if your voted down from THE BOTTOM LINE!

"The People's Choice" - Wednesdays @6pm

Based on the old cliché that it is friction that sharpens a sword, so this program is a controversial talk show agenda, which searches for the truth and that presents the needs of the people first and foremost; and ways and means of how to resolve those on an individual & family level, as well as; on a collective level involving the community, the nation and the governance. We take call-ins and conduct research polls to understand the feel of the people because we are interested in THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE!

"Come Back Home" - Thursdays @9pm

An educational transcession into history pulling out what has happened and how it has impacted the lives of Mayaguanians, Inaguaians, Acklinians, Crooked Islanders & Long Cayers, Micalians and Bahamians!

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Coakley4MICAL Online Radio Station

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The Launching of The Coakley4MICAL Constituency Campaign

Stay tuned & be informed, because the face of politics is transforming...

June 27


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