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About the station

Yel FM is an online podcast station where we share new update , discuss relevant events around the world especially on entertainment news . Our genres often include music from Nigeria (Afrobeat) and some western and folk music

Our podcast are mainly online and can be seen on various platform ranging from Spotify , apple etc

We are not a radio station nor are we embedded in any form of radio activities . We are mainly an online platform in which we share and discuss topics around the world

Our channel will include playing of genres , discussing sport related and entertaining news around the globe and keeping our listeners entertained .

Our content would be general topics excluding politics and business news .

We also want to welcome some of our sponsors who made it possible for us to be here .

Yel FM is a part of an independent Nigeria online brand Stewart Enterprises .

Stewart Enterprises is an online web agency that deal on websites and apps as well as software .

Their products lies within marketplace ( digital and physical as well ), taxi apps , website hosting platform , marketing agencies and a whole bunch of other software .

This channel will also be used as a means to broadcast our partner and their products to our listeners around the globe .

We the entire Stewart Enterprises and Yel family thank you and welcome you to our family.

Yel FM - Talk Show Made For You

Visit our website to get notified latest news and updates.

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!!! Hurray !!! Yel FM is now a part of Stewart enterprises , an online software Web agency . . .

June 11

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June 11

Dear Apple users, Yel FM is in your hood

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June 11


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